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Pickleball paddles on a pickleball court.


At District Park

Grab a Court, Some Friends, and Game On!

We're proud to offer brand-new, indoor regulation pickleball courts available for play. You bring your gear, and the court's all yours.

A man playing indoor pickleball in Greenville South Carolina.
Two people sitting down holding pickleball paddles and balls.


Looking to launch a tournament or simply play with friends? Reserve your experience here. Courts are reservable for one hour at a time.

10 Easy
Pickleball Rules

Grab a Court, Some Friends, and Game On!


Volley serves must be underhand


When serving, you are required to state the score before each point


Serve diagonally across court and hold the paddle and ball below your waist


Points are scored by the team that serves, and games are played to 11


Players serve until they commit a fault that stops play


The ball must bounce on each side of the net in order to be playable


The area within 7 feet of the net on either side is called the kitchen


Any ball that touches any part of the line is in


A serve that hits the kitchen is a fault


The most important rule is to have fun!